Isaac Luria

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Isaac Luria

Director, Voice, Creativity and Culture

Isaac Luria has worked at the intersection of faith, social justice and public voice for nearly 15 years. As an organizer, technologist and strategist, Isaac is committed to elevating the voices of faith leaders working to advance social justice across all religious traditions and communities. His writing has appeared in The Forward, Tikkun Magazine and other various publications.

Isaac previously served as a vice president of Auburn Seminary, a leadership development shop for the multifaith movements for justice. At Auburn, Isaac co-founded Groundswell, a digital platform where hundreds of thousands of people of faith participate in social action and directe programs that train thousands of faith leaders in media, storytelling, digital campaigning, social media and more. Isaac was also on the founding team of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. 

Isaac holds a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Sara and their three young children.